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20th September 20
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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


Autumn Term 2020 - WELCOME BACK CLASS 3!

To all Class 3 parents,

Hope you have all had a restful and relaxing summer. I am very excited about seeing everyone soon and hope all the children have their smiles ready to come into class!

Just a few reminders about the arrangements for returning to school on Wednesday 2nd September.

Uniform is not compulsory until January.  Children may come to school in their own clothes but should be dressed for practicality and comfort.  In Art we will be using paints, glue and other materials and the children may get messy.

Year 3 and 4 are to enter school through the Junior door accessed via the car park from 8:45am, I will be in the classroom to greet the children and settle them in, another member of staff will be on the door.  The children will be expected to apply hand sanitiser and make their way into the classroom to begin morning work.

Following the government advice, I have arranged the classroom into front facing rows and each child has been allocated a place to sit.  The windows will be kept open for ventilation.  The children are not to bring any equipment to school.  They all have a personal tray to store their reading books etc in and will be given their own classroom equipment to use.  All children must bring a water bottle to school as there will be no class cups available for use. 

P.E will be on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons and children may come to school in their PE kit on those days, I appreciate that in the colder weather, shorts may not be suitable, but they could wear navy joggers and a hooded top for warmth. 

At break and lunch time the children will be told which area of the playground they are to use to ensure social distancing from the other class bubbles. For those children on school dinners the sandwich selection will continue for the first two weeks of term.

Breakfast and After school club will continue with social distancing measures in place to separate ‘bubbles’. However, these sessions must be pre-booked on a monthly basis to allow for the management of staffing and location.

It will be great to get back into school life and return to some sort of ‘normal’ routine once again. If you have any questions or worries please get in touch with me, I will be sending out my curriculum letter in the first week back so please look out for it when your child comes home as it will give you more detail about the curriculum, what we are learning about and important dates as well. Please e-mail me with any queries if you have any concerns and I am always available to meet with parents before / after school. Please ring the office or email me to arrange a time!

Many Thanks,

Mrs Williams

Click on the link to see Class 3 Superstars! We are all in this together! Mrs Williams 

Thank you all for sending pictures of  Class 3 working hard at home to our facebook page! I am enjoying seeing what you have all been up to, keep the messages coming in and please all keep smiling! 

Mrs Williams 

Letter to Parents - 19th March



Dear Parents,

Having received notification that all schools are to close we have prepared packs for the children to take home to enable them to continue learning whilst at home.  I have provided each child with a CGP study book for English and two books for Maths these contain complete coverage of the primary national curriculum for your child’s year group and will help them to revise key areas that have already been covered in class.  I have also sent a Mental Maths book home earlier this week.

 I have sent home another copy of the homework for this half term as there are some fun tasks linked to the topics that have already been covered in class, I have also provided a lined book for the children to record their work in.  This will be a valuable learning opportunity and will help the children to consolidate their understanding of the wider curriculum and help them to recall and retain the core learning across Science, Geography History, Art and other foundation subjects.

Further writing opportunities:

· Share a story/write a book review/write a character description e.g. from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

· Read some opening chapters from the Love Reading 4 Kids website

 · Write a story, poem, play – think about the books we have read in school to help e.g.The Legend of Spud Murphy

· Make puppets and put on a play

 · Play a board game, dig out old favourites and hold championship tournaments! You could even design a new one for the class.

· Paint a picture and label it/write about it / create a poem

 · Blackout poems –

· Look, say, cover, write, check spellings

 · Create a poster about washing hands/hygiene about Coronavirus

 · Make an Easter Egg Hunt with clues in your garden

 · Make Mother’s Day cards, poems

· Research 'project' on food and where it comes from. This could be in the form of a poster, leaflet, booklet or a PowerPoint presentation etc.

· Have a good declutter/sort-out of your toys! Which toys or books do you no longer use? Write a review of your favourite to share with the class.

· Bake! Bake your favourite recipe and write up the recipe so as to create a class book of favourite recipes when you return to school.

· Junk modelling – why not upcycle some waste materials in order to make something new?


We have the Times Tables Rockstar website that we subscribe to, all children from Y1-Y6 have their own login details and may access this from home to develop their mental calculations.  I have put the log in details for each pupil in the pack in case any of the children have forgotten. Extra worksheets based on where your child is on their Times Tables are also included.

Handwriting practice is also important, please ensure the children continue to practise – a stapled booklet of the Year 3 / 4 spellings is in the pack and these could be copied neatly into the lined book and put into sentences.

In addition to this, every child has its library book and class reading book and reading record.  We are encouraging all children to read their book and record their notes and comments in their reading record.  If they finish their books then please encourage them to start a new book.  Reading books stimulates children’s imagination and expands their understanding of the world. Reading allows us to be transported from our own world to another. Between the pages of a book, we can become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and learn about a culture entirely different from our own. It helps them to develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.  Once a book is finished, the children can complete a book review with pictures and information about the book which can be displayed in the school library.

I will be updating our class page on the school website with information and links to online learning opportunities.   We would like to ask that you share your children’s home learning with us by messaging pictures via the school Facebook messenger system.  We can then post your pictures to the St John’s page to celebrate the work completed by the children.

Finally, we would like to say that whilst the work outlined here is to help support the children and maintain consistency in their education, family must come first and we know that there will be challenges in the days and weeks to come.  We all wish you the best of health and look forward to seeing our school community back together again,

Thank you for all your support, 

Mrs Williams


A Note for Parents

I hope you all had an enjoyable half-term. Our Class Topic this half term is, ‘Scrumpdiddlyumptious!’ We will be finding out all about food, where it comes from and how it arrives in the Supermarket. I have organised a fun class visit to Booths, a separate letter will follow for details. In Science we will be learning that there are different food groups, how to eat healthily and make the right choices and we will even be testing our cooking skills!

P.E. / Swimming

Swimming will continue on a Monday morning, leaving for Tarleton at 9.40 a.m. and returning at 11.30 a.m. Please note that P.E. also continues on a Friday with a specialist coach from the School’s Sports Partnership and this half term’s focus is Dance. There will also be a free after school club on Fridays until 4.15pm. Please let myself or the office know if your child would like to take part as there are still plenty of places available.


Please continue reading together as frequently as you can at home and record this in the Reading Record book.  Your child will be heard reading in a focused Guided Reading group each week as well as on a daily basis within lessons. It is important that reading books are bought into school every day. Each child is responsible for changing their own book; we encourage children to alternate between fiction and non-fiction texts so that they get a broader balance of text types. Spellings will continue to be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday so there is a full week to practice; plenty of time is also allocated in school for this. There is a different spelling pattern to focus on each week, please encourage your child to think of other words following the same pattern.

Times Tables

Times Tables Rock Stars is a huge hit in Class 3! Please keep practising at home!


As always, if you have any questions or wish to see me over any matter, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me before or after school, or catch me on the door! We are looking forward to a ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ half term!


Mrs Williams


Curriculum Spring 2 - 2020

Topic Homework 

Spring 2 

'Mighty Mountains' Curriculum Spring Term 2020

Topic Homework Spring 1 

Class 3's visit to Dewa - Looking at Roman Britain

What wonderful experiences Class 3 have had today! We had a busy morning enjoying a guided tour of the reconstructions, excavations, museum and hands-on room. Followed this afternoon by a brisk march armed with battle shields and under the ‘strict’ instruction of one of our experienced legionaries! It was fantastic to see the children so engaged. Well done Class 3! Mrs Williams


'I am Warrior' - The Romans in Britain

Curriculum Autumn 2  - 2019

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Look what we are learning in R.E.

Homework - The Celts Autumn 1 - 2019

'I Am Warrior!' - The Celts

Curriculum Autumn Term 1 -  2019